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Should Christians Care About Fashion?

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King in embroidered work; The virgins, her companions who follow her, Will be brought to You.” Psalm 45:13, 14 NASB 1995

I've always loved fashion. There was a time in my life when I was in such a dark vacuum of the devil’s lies about me, that I couldn’t express it. As a teenager, thanks to my stepmom, I had some release from the lies (My First Little Black Dress), and shopping became fun for me.

I bought things I hoped the boys would see me in and then like me. But believe me, my parents made sure I didn’t show much skin. Not saying, “this is what the Bible says”, just, “you aren’t wearing that!”…lol!

I don’t remember being taught about “modest” dressing while growing up. Yes, there were times when someone scolded a young person (or talked behind their back) about their skirt being too short, pants too tight, or something like that. But, there were no classes or church ministries that talked about how to live out what the Bible says about how a Christian should/shouldn’t dress, at least not where I was.

So, as I got older, I wore drapey, low-cut, dresses whenever I could find them because I figured I didn’t have enough cleavage to make anything of it, and because I really loved flowy dresses...and still do.

But, the more I studied the Bible, the closer I got to God and the more my fashion tastes, and who I was dressing for, changed. But finding modest, fashionable clothing was sometimes a bit of a challenge.

Well, today, modest fashion is BIG BUSINESS. In 2021, the industry was worth upwards in the $200 billion range and was expected to grow to over $300 billion in 2022. So, if Modest is what you’re looking for, all you have to do is google it and you’ll find many brands to choose from.

That’s exactly how I found Natasha Lambkin. She’s a model, writer, filmmaker, and fashion designer from New York, with a faith-based, modest clothing line. I was so intrigued by her story that I had to reach out to her for an interview, and she said yes!

So sit back and enjoy the gems dropped by this Christian entrepreneur, and then check her out on her social media handles for more info.


DF: Some say a Christian woman shouldn’t be/can’t be fashionable and modest. Christians shouldn’t think about fashion. What would you say to those people?

I say to those people that believe modesty can not be fashionable that God, Himself is a grand architect. Look at all of the creations of this earth, He crafted this earth with great artistic ingenuity and design. The same goes for fashion. The proverbs 31 woman was dressed in fine purple linen. Also, Joseph's father Jacob designed a multicolor coat for him. Fashion is illustrated all through the bible, it's undeniable. NL

DF: Who’s your target market?

Our target market is middle-class/upper-class women between the ages of 26-56 years old. They appreciate the aesthetics of modest clothing that are original/fashion-forward pieces. NL

DF: I love your brand! Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

Thank you!!! My favorite piece from our clothing line's N A T A S H A collection is the tulip jumpsuit. It's a carryover from our Tashee Inc. 2017 collection, Don't Label Me," and also one of our best sellers. I love that the silhouette is cinched at the waist because it is flattering on any figure. NL

DF: What do you like most about designing and promoting a modest clothing line?

What I love most about designing and promoting a modest clothing line is the impact. The majority of our consumers are impacted greatly by our purpose-driven fashion brand. From our curated empowerment events that we host, to our rave reviews on how our products make them feel. We make it our mission to solve their problems when looking for modest clothing. In addition to counseling them through the services, we offer through our brand. Such as our prayer services and our mentorship program. NL

DF: I see you mentor young ladies. Do you incorporate fashion into that?

Yes, the mentorship program covers fashion, business, and spiritual growth mentorship. NL

DF: A book, a film, a clothing collection! What’s next for TASHEE?

We are currently working on our new clothing line Tashee Lux and their collection, "Made in Brooklyn." Tashee Lux is where leisure meets luxury. It is a luxury athleisure clothing line, and I wanted the first collection to pay homage to my hometown, Brooklyn. The collection is set to launch this Fall/Winter. NL

DF: Where can we find you?

You can find me here: Instagram: ceo_of_tasheeinc, Facebook:, and TikTok @natasha_lambkin NL

Want to learn more?

Check out her YouTube

Who Is Natasha

"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel...1 Timothy 2:9, KJV, first part

Blessings & Much Love,

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